Thursday 02 July 2015

disfraces veraniegosYa estamos en verano y con el calor y las vacaciones llega el momento de descansar y desconectar de un largo año de trabajo, disfrutando del tiempo libre y de los nuestros. ¡Y qué mejor forma de hacerlo que organizando una fiesta de verano!

First, to make your party a success you must keep in mind that not everyone will be on vacation so try to pick a day and time that will be able to attend most of your guests.

In this sense, it is also important to note the high temperatures we have in this time so perhaps if you will be outdoors, do it late in the afternoon may be a wise choice for the heat not overwhelm your guests. Conversely, if you're lucky enough to be able to organize it in a shaded area and a swimming pool, any time can be ideal because the water carries heat better.

The temperature also will determine the menu. In the event that you go to eat something, opt for fresh garters and menus, instead of hot dishes. Also, prepare buffet can make it fun and enjoyable for all and making it less formal and allows all guests to talk to everyone much better than sitting at a table. Otherwise, if you're not going to prepare any food, should not miss a good cocktail. Do not forget that not everyone drinks alcohol, so they have provided few cocktails from fruit is a guarantee of success. And in both cases, especially that do not miss the ice!

And finally, any party worth its salt should have a good decoration and a friendly atmosphere, so do not forget the music. A good option may be to opt for a summer theme and organize Ibiza, seafood or luau. Decorate the place with colored flags and welcome your guests with a Hawaiian necklaces sure makes the event more fun.


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