Customized clothes

Disfraces Bacanal S.L., offers you to meet your specif needs or desires, including costumes by request . If you are the kind of person who does not like to wear the same as everyone else, we can offer you several options:
    • Customized costumes in individual sizing.
    • Uniforms for Carnival groups, troupes, floats, krewes or parades.
    • Sashs for beauty queens, party or hen/stag parties, etc.
    • Ballet, dance groups, troupes or similar.
    • End of the year or graduation celebrations.
    • Local or traditional clothes.
    • Textile serigraphy, textile screen printing or vinyl printing.
Once have the order clear, request budget without commitment. All we need is to know the number of clothes you need for a model and a size. In case you want to print or embroider them, we need to know how many colors and prints your logo has.


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We help you find your costume

Costumes. Fabrics and haberdashery products  Costumes by theme
Men costumes Carnival and phantasy fabrics Costumes with official licenses
Women costumes Classic fabrics  Costumes with digital fairy tale
Girls fancy dress Fabrics for traditional and regional costumes  Costumes with lights
Boys fancy dress Patchwork and felt fabrics  Costumes of Andalusian women and bullfighters
Infants fancy dress Hairy fabrics  Animal costumes
Plus size costumes Fabrics for flags and banners  60ies, 70ies and 80ies costumes
Mascots Haberdashery products  Fairy tales costumes
Fabric accessories Decoration and parties  Sports costumes
Pets customes Baloons and helium  Hen & stag parties costumes
Costume Accesories Decoration  Celebreties costumes
Wings and fairy wands Confetti and serpentine  Gangster & cabaret costumes
Accessories for medieval costumes New Year Eve party products  Halloween costumes
Wigs and beards Piñata and goodies for piñatas  Mascots costumes
Glasses and Sunglasses Uniforms for groups, troupes, floats or parades  Christmas costumes
Feather boas and feather Traditional or regional costumes  Profession costumes
Latex appliances, teeth & special effects Big headed and giants  National costumes of different countries
Masks and eye masks for costumes Fireworks and jokes  Clown costumes
Weapons and armors    Historical figures costumes
Hen & stag parties    Pirates costumes
Shoes and boots    Religious costumes
Crowns, tiaras and jewellery for costumes    Roman costumes
Gloves and tights    Superheroes costumes
Hats & caps    Medieval costumes
Make-up and accessories   Original costumes
Make-up and accessories    Cowboys & indians costumes
Various    Sexy costumes
    Fairies and princesses costumes
     Clothes for the dance
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